White Attacks Will Kill You

When a great white attacks, it instills fear in both captains and surfers alike. They’re killer predators that can easily tear you apart.

When a great white attacks you, you will die unless you follow these tips.

Where are they located?

Great White Sharks are killers predominantly found in the Pacific, Atlantic & Indian Oceans, however they’re known to travel all over the world and love warm waters. Many documentaries have caught attacks on tape everywhere, fishing for human prey.

How will they kill you?

They have speeds up to 25 mph per hour, can jump out of water, and have one of the most powerful bites in the animal kingdom, the great white shark is a killing machine. Reaching lengths up to 21 feet long, the bigger the shark, the more likely your death will follow as one bite from a great white could be enough to shred you in half. If you’re lucky enough to escape in one piece then you’ll be at high risk of bleeding to death.

How to avoid and survive a Great White Shark encounter.

Avoid entering the water around dusk or dawn and do not wear bright colors as these attract sharks. If you’re in a situation where a shark is in the water near you, stay calm and keep an eye on him until you can leave the water. If the shark attacks you, defend yourself by attacking his eyes and gills, which are his most sensitive areas. This will give you the best chances of surviving when a white attacks.

How many reported shark attacks are there each year?

Between 50-70 shark attacks are reported each year with about 5-15 deaths.

So would you rather…be attacked by a great white shark or be bit multiple times by a black widow?


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