Snake Video – Terrifying Attacks

In this snake video, we showcase 7 terrifying snake attacks in history. Snakes are scary animals & some people have died due to snakebites or been strangled and suffocated. Here are 7 deadly snake attack stories on humans!

7: Debi Grudzinski

An experienced wildlife worker named Debi Grudzinski had been working with a boa constrictor named Icenia for eight years. That relationship came to an abrupt end in July, 2011 when Icenia attacked Debi! Debi was reaching inside the snake’s cage to give it some water when out of nowhere, the snake bit an latched on to her. After biting Debi’s hand, Icenia began to coil around Debi and tried suffocating her to death. The 14-foot long boa contrictor was able to wrap about half its body around Debi. As she started to feel faint, her daughter heard the commotion and called 911. Emergency workers managed to slice the snake until it released Debi. Both Debi and Icenia the snake survived to ordeal, although Icenia is no longer under Debi’s care.

6: Kevin Fowler and Tommy

In October of 2015, country singer Kevin Fowler found a rattlesnake in the garden of his Texas home. Fowler posted a photo of the snake followed by a tirade against snakes and those who would not like to see all snakes killed. He then posted pictures of his friend Tommy, who was bit by a rattlesnake a year earlier. The photos depict gruesome wounds that Tommy suffered and according to Fowler, he was still in rehab. Fowler posted pictures with following caption as seen in this snake video: “Ran into this little fellow in my shed this week. Third one this month. All of you people who cry about folks killing rattlesnakes have probably never seen what it looks like when you get bit by one. The other two pics are of my buddy Tommy’s hand after getting bit last year. He’s still going through surgeries and rehab. All of you rattlesnake sympathizers will change your tune when your kid gets bit playing in your backyard.”–Kevin Fowler

5: Erik Arietta

Erik Arietta was a zookeeper and biology student in Venezuela when he was attacked and killed by a Burmese Python. While working at the zoo, Erik made the mistake of opening the Python’s cage alone at night. The next morning he was found strangled to death by the snake that was attempting to eat him. The python had half of Erik’s head in its mouth when the body was discovered. His coworkers had to beat the snake until it released Erik’s body. While the exact details of the attack are unknown, bite marks were found on Erik’s wrists, which would suggest that he was bit before being crushed to death. It is unclear why Erik decided to open the snake’s cage and what exactly prompted the deadly attack.

4: Grant Williams

Grant Williams was 19 years old when his pet python killed him in 1996. Both Grant and his younger brother, Lamar, were keeping the snake as a pet. The brothers both hoped to make a career out of caring for reptiles, and often showed their python off to people in their Brooklyn neighborhood. One day, while Grant was trying to feed his snake, things went horribly wrong. The snake was out of its cage when Grant was trying to feed it. Grant was planning on feeding the snake a chicken, which was inside of a box when the snake apparently mistook Grant for food. Experts theorize that the snake struck very quickly, biting Grant before strangling him to death. Authorities found the teenager bleeding from his nose with the 13-foot snake wrapped around his dead body. Experts agree that Grant made a few fatal errors when feeding the python. First, it is always advised that two people be present when feeding large snakes. Snakes should also be in their cage when being fed. It is also advised to feed them from a distance. When snakes smell food, their instincts are to attack, and they can do so at lightning-fast speeds, according to experts.

3: Mateus

An 8- year old boy named Mateus survived an attack from a 16-foot green anaconda when his grandfather came to his rescue. The boy was playing with his friends when the giant snake attacked him. Mateus recalled the snake dragging him to the ground and biting him. The anaconda then began coiling itself around the boy in an attempt to suffocate him to death. A group of Mateus’ friends rushed to get help. That’s when 66-year old Joaquim Pereira hurried to his grandson’s aide. Wielding a knife and a rock, the man began to beat the snake relentlessly until it released his grandson. The battle between the man and snake lasted for nearly 30 minutes before the snake released the boy. Mateus was rushed to a hospital and received 21 stitches, but ultimately survived the encounter. The anaconda, however, did not.

2: Jon Wayne Brown Junior

Jon Wayne Brown Junior was a Pentecostal preacher who died after being bit by a timber rattlesnake in 1998. Brown was in the middle of a Sunday sermon when, as part of a religious ceremony, he picked up a timber rattlesnake. Brown then danced around the stage with the snake before placing it on the alter. The snake proceeded to bite his middle finger, though the pastor continued his sermon for several moments before falling to the ground. Members of the congregation began praying for their pastor, but to no avail. Jon Wayne Brown was dead within minutes. In the nearly 20 years of handling serpents for religious reasons, Brown had been bit 22 times. His wife was bit three years earlier after being bit by a rattlesnake as well. The practice stems from a verse in the scripture of Mark in the New Testament. In Mark 16: verses 17-18, the disciple claims that true believers of Christ can demonstrate their faith by handling poisonous snakes. The books of Luke and Acts make similar claims. The Pentecostal church has taken this quite literally as it is practiced by some churches in rural parts of the United States. It is estimated that more than 70 people have died from snakebites in religious services. The practice is controversial, as the majority of Christians do not partake in such rituals.

1: The Kenyan Farmer

Number 1 in this snake video is Ben Nyaumbe. Snakes will bite people, but what about when a man bites a snake? That’s exactly what happened when a 13-foot python attacked Ben Nyaumbe, a farmer from Kenya. Ben was working on the farm near the coast when he stepped on the snake by accident. The snake then wrapped himself around Ben and amazingly, began dragging him up a nearby tree. Ben reacted quickly. He managed to use his shirt to smother the Python’s face so the beast could not swallow him. He also managed to bite the tail of the python, which injured the snake severely. While in the midst of a fierce struggle, Ben managed to use his cell phone to alarm his nearby coworkers of his plight. Soon, villagers and police officers rushed to his help and managed to wrangle the snake off Ben. The battle between Ben and the man-eating snake lasted almost an hour. Police said they had never seen a snake drag a person up a tree before. They also theorized that the snake was hunting livestock on the farm, and decided to go after Ben when they crossed paths. Ben was injured on the mouth, as he cut himself when biting the snake’s tail.


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