Python Strangles Children

Pythons eat their prey whole, from ducks to alligators. One such incident occurred to a drunk man in India. This video will show you how to survive.

What is it?

Pythons are huge, nonvenomous constrictor snakes. They’ve been known to attack a variety of animals, such as vs anacondas, vs crocodiles, vs tigers, and vs cobras. They’re known for the manner in which they attack by rapidly coil their bodies around their live prey and suffocate them to death due to the prey’s inability to move its ribs to breathe. Pythons are considered the world’s longest snakes as well as the world’s longest reptiles.

Where are they located?

Pythons are found throughout Africa, Asia, and Australia in a variety of climates and terrains. Some species are even capable of swimming well enough in the sea that they’ve reached small, distant islands which they’ve began to colonize.

How will a python kill you?

Pythons, such as the reticulated python, use their size and strength instead of their bite to completely wrap themselves around their prey, at which point they squeeze into a tight coil as seen in this stock footage. They use their victims’ breathing as a cue for constriction, so the moment they’ve asphyxiated you to death they’ll devour your body whole. Once your corpse is inside the snake, it can take up to ten weeks to be completely digested. Some common large animals are lions, dogs, baby elephants, antelope, and baby hippo. Some reticulated pythons have been seen eating goat.

How to survive:

If you find yourself being constricted by a python, stay calm and take slow shallow breaths as struggling prompts it to squeeze harder. Meanwhile, wrap your non-dominant arm around your ribs in order to provide yourself stability and protection. Then use your free hand to grab the python’s head and pull it backwards. This gets it to unwind its coil and set you free.


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