Mountain Gorilla Escapes Zoo Enclosure

An escaped mountain gorilla at the Dallas Zoo attacked a little boy. Jabari the mountain gorilla was the culprit.

What is it?

Gorillas are herbivorous apes reaching up to 6 ft (1.83 m) tall and weighing up to 600 lbs (272 kg). According to BBC and National Geographic, they’re physically the largest of all living primates. Adult male gorillas, also known as silverbacks, are the strongest and most threatening to humans. Just one of them has the same combined strength of several full grown men.

Where are they located?

Gorillas are found in both the eastern and western parts of central Africa, where they’re often in real fights vs lions. They live in a wide range of habitats, from forests to swamps. Their nests are built for both daytime and night use, which unlike chimpanzee or orangoutang nests, are built on the ground. This is where gorilla mating takes place.

How will it kill you?

When a mountain gorilla feels threatened, its the silverback’s responsibility to protect the group even if fighting may cost him his life. They’ll let out loud grunts while thumping their chest as a means of intimidation. If this doesn’t scare away the source of danger, they’ll charge at you at incredibly fast speeds then proceed to bite the first body part they can get a hold of. Their bites are deadly and cause deep, gaping wounds that can cause you to bleed to death.

How to survive a mountain gorilla attack:

Most gorilla charges are bluffs and the gorilla will tend to veer off before making contact as a means to intimidate without becoming physical. If you see one charging at you, stay calm. Making loud noises or animated movements will appear threatening to the gorilla. Instead, slowly crouch down and avert your eyes. Doing so tells it that you’re not a threat to him and they’ll usually back away.


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