Lion Attacks Human

Lion attacks on humans are deadly. They are the top hunters in Africa, preying on man, buffalos, and hyenas alike. Dan Kieser was killed by 3 lions…

March 2005–16 year old Dane Kieser is bit and dragged by the leg under a fence at a zoo, where he’s mauled by three lions. If you were in his position, would you know how to survive?

What is it?

The lion is a large cat weighing over 550 pounds (250 kg), or the same weight as an empty dumpster. It’s the second largest cat following the tiger. Male lions are easily recognizable by their distinctive mane. Although they prefer to scavenge for food such as dead buffalo, antelope, elephants, they’re known to be deadly hunters that stalk their prey in coordinated groups–or a pride of lions–at night, taking advantage of the reduced visibility. They can live up to 20 years while in human captivity, such as in a zoo.

Where are they located?

Lions in Africa are mainly found in savannah grasslands that are scattered with Acacia trees, which they use as shade. They can also be found in India, where they live in dry savannah forests and dry deciduous scrub forests.

How will lion attacks kill you?

Typically, males watch over their young while the female lions hunt. Their hunting methods are unbelievable! These lionesses work in groups to encircle their prey then proceed in their animal attack by pouncing on their closest victim. They’ll then rush you and take you out with a huge leap, targeting your neck and killing you through asphyxiation by way of strangulation. They can also kill you by enclosing your mouth and nostrils within its jaws, making it difficult for you to breathe.

How to survive when a lion attacks:

The number one rule when confronting a lion is to not run. Instead, stand your ground and try to back away slowly without turning your back on the savage beast. If it starts approaching you in an predatory manner, do what you can to appear larger and more threatening by raising your arms above your head and making loud noises with shouts and screams. If it’s too late and you’re under attack, use whatever weapons you can get hold of to inflict pain on the lion’s face, such as rocks or sticks. These aggressive methods are what helped Dane Kieser survive his attack by three lions in South Africa in 2005.


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