Killer Kids – 7 Child Murderers

Here are the 7 youngest child murderers of all time. These evil serial killer kids are have commit the most heinous crimes & murders in the world.

7: Andrew Golden & Mitchell Johnson

March 24th, 1998: cousins Andrew Golden (11 years old) & Mitchell Johnson (13 years old) gun down 15 people in their middle school in Craighead County, Arkansas, sinking their small city into despair. The notorious schoolyard shooting became known as the Westside Middle School massacre. It began with one of the two killer kids setting off a false fire alarm in order to lure out students & faculty members out into open ground. The killer kids then laid down near a wooded area dressed in camouflage & began the slaughter. A total of five people—which comprised of four female students & a teacher—were killed. The teacher was 32-year-old Shannon Wright, who threw herself in front of a sixth-grader & was shot twice when saving the little girl. She died later on during surgery. But this wasn’t enough for the cousins. Ten additional people were injured; nine students & another teacher. A recorded 27 shots total were fired that day. It was a horrific scene as friends gathered up the bodies of their bloodied classmates while waiting for emergency support. Some were in shock & could not take in what these killer kids had just done n the schoolyard. It’s still unsure as to how the murderers gained access to their weapons. Police said Mitchell—who broke up with a girl at school—made threats earlier in the week, saying, “Tomorrow you will find out if you live or die”. Andrew & Mitchell would be charged with five counts of capital murder in Juvenile Court & after turning 18, would be moved to a full correctional facility.

6: Mary Bell

May 25th, 1968: the day before her 11th birthday, a girl named Mary Bell is convicted of strangling a young boy to death named Martin Brown. It was believed that she committed this homicide alone. Then two months later, on July 31st, 1968, Mary Bell strikes again; this time with her friend Norma. The two killer kids targeted a three-year-old infant named Brian Howe. The resulting interrogation of Mary Bell & Norma completely contradicted each other, as the girls were too young to re-tell a story. Police reports state that not only did Mary Bell use a pair of scissors to cut off pieces of her victim’s hair & part of his genitals, but she also carved an “N” onto his stomach, then later on went back to turn the “N” into an “M”. There was no evidence of foul play from the murder of their first victim, Martin Brown, & thus it was originally ruled as an accident. But in the end, police finally realized the connection between the two killer kids’ strangulations. Mary Bell & Norma were charged with two counts of manslaughter. In 1980, the court ordered anonymity for Mary Bell & she was released. 23 years later, Mary Bell & her daughter would be awarded anonymity for life.

5: Jesse Pomeroy

At 14 years old, Jesse Pomeroy murdered a four-year-old boy & was eventually arrested for this horrific act. His violent nature began three years earlier with the sexual torture of seven other boys. Thus, he became known as “The Boston Boy Fiend.” Pomeroy was sentenced to a children’s reform school, but was released early for those crimes. But it didn’t take long for Jesse to return to his killing spree. He went on to disfigure & execute a ten-year-old girl who was visiting his mother’s store. A month later, four-year-old Horace Mullen was kidnapped by Pomeroy. Jesse started & ended his deadly deed in a swamp outside of town by slashing him savagely with a knife & nearly decapitating his victim. His strange appearance of having a milky white eye along with his previous abhorrent behavior put him on the police’s radar. After being shown the body & asked if he had done it, Jesse responded with, “I suppose I did.” He later pled guilty to the murder of the ten-year-old girl, as her body was found buried in his mother’s cellar. Jesse Pomeroy was condemned & sentenced to death. But his sentence was altered to 40 years of solitary confinement due to a public outcry against dooming children to the death sentence.

4: Jon Venables & Robert Thompson

You name it, they can steal it. Jon Venables & Robert Thompson—both 10 years old—loved stealing small items at the shopping center. They stole candy, batteries, toys, & whatever else they could get their hands on. One day, these killer kids decided to steal a two-year-old boy named James Bulger. But once they had him, they didn’t know what to do with him. That’s when things took a turn for the worst. Jon & Robert ended up murdering the little boy, who was to be taken on a long, aimless walk while being cruelly tortured along the way. The infant was senselessly beaten to death by his ten-year-old captors, who then abandoned him on the railroad tracks once the deed was done. Numerous images were found in a video feed of little James in the hands of his killers, which confirmed to his parents that they would never see their baby alive again due to the actions of these two killer kids.

3: Willie Bosket

March 19th, 1978: 15-year-old Willie Bosket shoots & kills Noel Perez on the New York subway during an attempt to take his money & watch. Eight days later, he shot another man in another subway robbery attempt. Willie was tried & ultimately convicted of the murders. He was sentenced to five years in prison; the maximum length for a minor to stay in New York City’s correctional facilities. But although his crimes were committed while he was still a minor, the convicted murderer’s actions led to a change in New York’s state law. New York State Legislature soon passed a new law called the Juvenile Offender Act of 1978 due to the short length of Bosket’s sentence, which caused a public outcry. The newly-implemented Juvenile Offender Act would now bring juveniles as young as 13 years old to adult court for criminal offenses such as murder, where they would be given the same account of penalties as adults. New York was the first state to endorse a law of this nature, with many other state legislatures soon following suit. Bosket had subsequently been convicted of a number of other felonies following his release, for which he received several life sentences. Bosket is presently serving his sentence in solitary confinement in New York State’s prison system.

2: Joshua Phillips

1998: 14-year-old Joshua Phillips clubs & stabs his eight-year-old playmate named Maddie to death then hides her body underneath his bed. Despite having no history of violence, he was charged as an adult for the murder. Over the next seven days, thousands of volunteers searched frantically for the little girl. Josh’s family was also part of the search, not knowing that the victim’s body remained in their house. On the morning of the seventh day, Josh Phillip’s mother noticed some water on the floor at the end of her son’s waterbed. She initially thought this leaking water was the cause of the strange smell in her son’s room. But after pulling apart the bed to check underneath it, she saw Maddie’s foot. She hurriedly called up the police department. As it turns out, Maddie was Joshua’s tomboy neighbor who went out to play with him & never came back. Joshua claimed that he had accidentally hit Maddie in the eye with his baseball bat, causing her to scream. In his panic, Joshua dragged her to his home, where he hit her again then stabbed her 11 times. The jury was not persuaded by his testimony. Joshua was unanimously charged with first degree murder. Four days after his arrest, Maddie was buried. His mother is still appealing his conviction to this day based on the fact that he was given an adult penalty for his crime.

1: Edmund Kemper

1964: the deadliest of the killer kids was 15-year-old Edmund Kemper, who gets into a heated argument with his grandmother in the kitchen of their home & ends up shooting her to death. His grandfather then returned home shortly afterwards. It was at this point that Kemper went outside, shot him by his car, then hid the body. According to reports, Kemper had no regrets about what he did, explaining that he hated his grandparents & was tired of them telling him to do things around the house, which he deeply despised. While detained in the California Youth Authority’s juvenile hall, he was put through a series of rigorous tests that were administered by a psychiatrist. Results showed that Kemper was, in fact, a paranoid psychotic. He was quickly sent to Atascadero State Hospital for treatment. There he worked hard to make doctors believe he had recovered & learned other perspectives on his former crimes. Kemper worked in the psychology lab to help administer the tests to others & in the process, learned about other deviant offenders. Five years later, he was released & remained under the supervision of the Youth Authority. The Youth Authority ignored Kemper’s doctor’s orders of not returning him to his mother’s care. Thus, he continued his sadistic ways. He murdered, dismembered, & disposed parts of eight women by picking up hitchhikers over the course of five years. Once murdered, he’d bring the bodies back to his apartment to remove their heads & hands. It was also reported that Kemper would engage in sexual activity with the corpses. Kemper pleaded insanity in court, with the same doctors agreeing to the decision. A panel of psychiatrists even judged Kemper as a person who was not a threat to society despite carrying the bodyparts of his victims around with him. In the end, Kemper received eight concurrent life sentences & is currently serving his time at Vacaville’s California Medical Facility.


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