Honey Badger Attack

This crazy animal don’t give a crap. The honey badger is notorious for fights vs lions, vs cobras, and vs wolverines. The honey badger’s fearless attitude makes it a master of mayhem.

What is it?

The honey badger is a carnivorous mammal that resembles a weasel. They’re notorious for their crazy strength, ferocity, and nastyass toughness and are willing to attack almost any animal regardless of its size. They therefore hold the Guinness World Record for the most fearless animal in the world. They were made famous by an original narration from Randall over exclusive footage of the honey badger.

Where are they located?

Honey badgers are native to Africa, Southwest Asia, and India as seen here. They’re solitary animals that live in self-made holes, which they can dig up into hard ground in as little as ten minutes where they can disappear like Houdini. They’ve been spotted in a wide range of environments and elevations, from as low as sea level in the Kalahari Desert all the way up to 4,000 m (13,123 ft) high in Ethiopia’s Bale Mountains.

How will it kill you?

Honey badgers have extremely loose skin that allows them to twist and turn freely while fighting despite being caught in another animal’s grip such in a fight vs hyenas. This snake eating animal is armed with strong claws designed to dig through hard soil and rocks. These same claws can be used to rip through your flesh like paper. In addition, their powerful jaws and sharp teeth allow them to bite through tough surfaces with ease. It’s for this reason that honey badgers are able to regularly feed on tortoises without any difficulty whatsoever.

How to survive:

The honey badger’s ferocious fighting temper along with the mobility from its loose skin make it an extremely difficult animal to defend against. The only safe spot to grip it is on the back of its neck. Its skin is so thick that not only do snakes and bees have a hard time penetrating its crazy nastyass with their bites and stings, but they’re also resistant to machete blows as well as arrows and spears. If you’re caught in the act of an attack, the only sure way of killing a honey badger is by delivering a bullet to its head or by using a club to strike it on the skull.


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