Man Dies From Heatwave

Be careful when the strong sun causes a heatwave in your city–they are the leading cause of weather-related deaths. Do you know what to do if you encounter a heatwave? Find out now…

Can you guess how many people are killed in the US every year due to heat waves?

Is it:
A. 50
B. 400
C. 2,000

We’ll tell you the answer at the end of this video.

What is it?

A heat wave is a prolonged period of abnormally hot weather. They’re lethal because the heat and sunlight can overheat the human body, leading to death by hyperthermia.

Where is it located?

Heat waves can occur everywhere throughout the world. But heat waves with high humidity commonly occur in oceanic climate countries, such as England or Australia.

How will it kill you?

Overall, heat waves are the most lethal type of weather phenomenon. Deaths occur when people fail to abide by heat-emergency recommendations such as drinking lots of water. This can lead to hyperthermia, also known as heat stroke, which includes symptoms such as nausea, seizures, confusion, disorientation, and loss of consciousness or coma. It can also kill or cause damage to the brain and other internal organs. If not treated immediately, it will eventually lead to death.

How to survive:

If a heat wave hits your town, take necessary precautions in preparing for it. Regularly use electrical fans and air conditioning to cool down yourself and your surroundings. Always have plenty of water and sports drinks on hand to replace lost electrolytes. If you suspect that someone is having a heat stroke, get them to a hospital immediately and do what you can in the meantime to lower their body temperature such as applying ice packs to their body, keeping cool water on their head, and immersing them in a shower or tub of cool water.

So how many people are killed in the US every year due to heat waves?

If you guessed B, you’re right. There’s an average of 400 heatwave-related deaths per year in the US alone.

So would you rather encounter a heat wave or be infected with tuberculosis?


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