Flash Flood – Surviving without flood maps

The Flood maps service center exists because flash floods will kill you! Learn how to survive a flood as every year they claim many lives. Floods and flash floods are often caught on tape as people stick around often avoiding the flood warnings. What are the ways to survive a flood without flood maps? Here are the best flood survival skills so that you will know what to do if you encounter a flood.

A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land that is normally dry. They oftentimes occur due to an accumulation of rainwater on saturated ground or as an overflow from water bodies. Some floods happen slowly, while others may occur in just a few minutes, known as flash floods.

How will it kill you?

Floods not only lead to drowning, but it can also damage buildings and structures that fall and kill people. In addition, water touching electrical units can shock and electrocute upon contact. Big pieces of debris floating in the flood streams can also fatally injure those attempting to get to safety. And those stranded in their homes or rooftops may die due to disease or a lack of food and water.

How to survive:

Upon first sign of a flood, prepare a survival kit. This should include non-perishable food items, plenty of water, extra clothing & rain gear, a battery-powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries, identification–such as a passport or license, and a first aid kit. Secure your home and turn off all main switches or valves. If necessary, evacuate yourself and your loved ones to higher ground or a designated safety area as told by your local TV or radio station. Be sure to not walk through moving water. Just six inches of moving water can make you fall. If you have to, walk where the water is not moving and use a stick to check the firmness of the ground. Also, do not drive in flooded areas. Floodwaters can surround your car and sweep you and your vehicle away. Once you get to a safe area, wait there until the flooding subsides.

Can you guess how many people are killed by floods each year?

Flood maps help but there are approximately 200 flood-related deaths per year still. Floods are actually the leading cause of weather-related deaths in the US and cause massive amounts of damage leaving flood insurance companies with a lot to handle.

So what would you do if you encountered one of these?


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