Dangerous Plants – Hemlock Will Kill You

Dangerous Plants – do you know what to do if you ingest hemlock or one of Earth’s top five most poisonous plants?

Hemlock, also known as Conium, is a highly poisonous perennial herbaceous flowering plant. It was used in ancient Greece as a means of execution, the most famous of its victims being Socrates.

Where in the world are these dangerous plants located?

Hemlock is native to Europe’s Mediterranean region as well as in southern Africa, although the plant can now be found everywhere throughout the world and society. Beware of the deadly plant hemlock.

How will this extremely deadly plant kill you?

The plant, like dangerous trees, contains a potent toxin called coniine which, if ingested in even the smallest of amounts, can be extremely lethal to humans. It causes death by disrupting the body’s neuromuscular junctions, causing what’s known as “ascending muscular paralysis.” This condition begins by paralyzing a person’s legs, then ascends up the body until it reaches the respiratory muscles, which results in death due to a lack of oxygen to the heart and brain.

How to survive:

Although there is no antidote for hemlock poisoning, death CAN be prevented with artificial ventilation to assist in breathing until the poisonous effects have worn off 48-72 hours later.

Can you guess when the last hemlock-related death occurred?

The latest reported hemlock-induced death occurred on April 1st, 2010 in Washington State when a woman put hemlock in a salad she ate, thinking it was something else.

So what would you do if you encountered this plant?


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