7 Ways to Die From Sex

These are 7 ways people have died while having sex. The sex accidents and deaths on this list are horrifying!

7: The Freak Accident

November 23rd, 1983: James “Jimmy the Beard” Ferrozzo dies in a horrific accident in San Francisco’s Condor Topless Club at the ago of 40. James, who had a big status in San Francisco, was the club’s assistant manager at the time & was dating a 23-year-old exotic dancer named Teresa Hill. One night after the club had closed, James & Teresa jumped on the piano to engage in sexual intercourse. As they were fondling one another, one of their legs hit the piano’s motor switch. This activated a mechanism that allows the piano to rise to the ceiling for entertainment purposes. Neither of the two had any idea what was going on, as they were both highly intoxicated. As the piano was moving upwards, James was crushed to death before realizing too late that they were ascending. Teresa, on the other hand, survived because James’s body cushioned her from death. She was unable to lower the piano back down as the motor had burnt out but was heard by the janitor early the next morning screaming for help. She was also unable to remember the night as she was too drunk before they even attempted having sex. A detective from San Francisco’s police department stated that James died of asphyxiation. The freak accident traumatized Teresa & she quit her job shortly thereafter. But the Condor Club still remains open to this day & they’ve even dedicated a drink to James called “Sex on the Piano.”

6: Cold Shock & Drowning

November, 2002: 30-year-old Richard Lang & 34-year-old Anita Harold are in the middle of having sex in their vehicle (parked in East Yorkshire) when it rolls into the freezing river nearby, killing them almost instantly. The couple had been dating for about two months & was still in the honeymoon phase. In fact, Richard & Anita had often joked before to friends & family members about having sex in uncommon places for fun. But on the night of the accident, the fun turned up short after the couple had drinks at a nearby pub before driving to a restricted area located at the edge of a river to begin their foreplay. Before they knew it, the car was falling into the river as they were in the middle of their sexual acts. It wasn’t until a week later that the car was found by a boat floating in the river. Coroner reports show that both of them had also taken ecstasy that night. Anita died due to shock from the cold water as her body was under the heavy influence of drugs while Richard died from drowning due to the doors being locked. Police officers tried to recreating the car’s final movements before it plunged into the river. They believed that it was impossible for the car to fall into the river on its own since it had to have rolled over the edge’s bump, which could only be done by being pushed by a third party. Officer John Rusted stated that “The only way we could generate the inertia to carry the car into the water without scraping the underside was when we pushed it. It was extremely unlikely that any movement within the vehicle would generate the momentum to roll it into the water.” A friend of Richard’s named Joanne Graham gave statements to police that two men who looked like bouncers & were driving an SUV came up to her to ask her for Richard’s address shortly before the couple’s death. But in the end, there was not enough evidence to trace anyone back to the murder. In addition, Anita’s daughter said after the hearing, “I know there’s somebody out there who knows what happened because I am convinced somebody is responsible for this.”

5: Seduction Gone Wrong

November, 1996: 27-year-old Sandra Orellana falls to her death from her hotel’s eighth floor balcony while having a one-night stand with her boss, Robert Salazar. Robert was the Vice President of Skill Master Staffing Services in Houston. The two had booked a room at the Industry Hills Sheraton & after several drinks at the bar, proceeded upstairs around midnight to have an affair in Sandra’s room. Robert explained that Sandra—who was engaged to another man at the time—walked out onto the balcony, turned around, & attempted to seductively sit on the rail with one leg up. When she tried changing positions, she toppled over & fell to her death. The prosecution tried charging Robert with first-degree murder by strangulation due to the way she fell. But no evidence was ever found of handprints or choke marks indicating any use of force or violence on her body. Additionally, Sandra’s family believed she would never cheat on her fiancée & thought Robert had killed her in order to keep her quiet, stating that he had violated his company’s sexual harassment policy. He was found not guilty on both counts of first-degree & second-degree murder. Outside the courtroom, he stated: “I just thank God, God knew the truth, and he’s letting me go home.”

4: Electrocution

January, 2008: 37-year-old Toby Taylor electrocutes his wife, Kirsten, while having sex. The incident occurred in the couple’s trailer in south central Pennsylvania. Toby worked as a police officer & enjoyed bizarre sex with Kirsten, stating that he & his wife had just got home when she quickly undressed herself in order to begin their sexual activities. Kirsten hooked up the electrical clips to her nipples & shocked herself at first, then said it was Toby’s turn. He plugged the cord into the outlet & shocked her several more times. But after the last shock, she fell onto her face. Having no idea of what had just happened, he initially thought she was faking it. But it wasn’t long until he figured out that she was completely unconscious & quickly proceeded to dress her body in order to bring her to the hospital. Kirsten stopped breathing as he walked her to their door, after which he called 911 for police help. As they arrived at the scene, he was attempting CPR on her; but it was too late. The York County coroner concluded that this was an act of homicide. The coroner statement also added: “Even if you did it before, you have to know you could kill someone.” Toby Taylor was charged with involuntary manslaughter & reckless endangerment. He remains detained in York County & is still serving his sentence. To make matters worse, another woman came out later on stating that Toby had performed the same type of electrical shocking act on her in 1989 as a form of punishment within their relationship.

3: Lion Attack

In the Zimbabwe village of Kariba, a woman named Sharai Mawera was attacked & killed by a lion during sex. Mawera had gone to rendezvous with her boyfriend at their usual quiet meet-up spot. But this time, the private bush was invaded by a male lion. It roared & aggressively charged at the couple, who initially did not see it as they were in the middle of sexual intercourse. Fortunately for the boyfriend, who was a fisherman of the village, he managed to escape the lion’s wrath by running away naked towards the street to get some help while looking back & seeing his girlfriend get torn apart. He was able to bring wildlife management authorities out to the scene, which consisted of local police & rangers. But during their search, they found Mawera’s body ripped apart near her neck & stomach. Sharai Mawera had bled to death from the injuries inflicted to her by the lion while her boyfriend lived to tell the tale.

2: S&M Asphyxiation

June, 2009: actor David Carradine is found dead in his Bangkok hotel. Carradine was known for his martial arts abilities & was featured in many famous programs such as the Kung Fu TV series & the Kill Bill movie series. But his successful career came to an end when the actor’s corpse was discovered by a hotel maid in his bedroom closet. Police were initially unable to determine if it was a suicide or an accidental sexual act failure. His body was bound by makeshift ropes created from the room’s drapes. But it was connected from his neck to his genitals, both of which were tied; along with his wrists. His family hired a pathologist to examine the body who, along with a Thai medical examiner, concluded that it was not in fact a suicide. But at the same time, there was also no evidence to prove that it was foul play, although it seems as if he was in the middle of a sexual-heightening experience commonly used in S&M (or sadism & masochism). It was ultimately decided that Carradine’s death was caused by accidental asphyxiation.

1: Carbon Monoxide Overdose

February, 2006: a 23-year-old man & a 17-year-old teenager lose their lives while engaging in sexual activities in a car parked in their garage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The cheating couple had kept the car running while the garage remained closed. Little did they know that this is the easiest way for carbon monoxide to quickly accumulate. They were so busy having sex that they didn’t even feel the symptoms of the carbon monoxide overdose, which include dizziness & headaches. Some people eventually fall asleep from breathing in the gas at such a high rate, making it a common suicide method. The two went missing for a day, and the man’s family eventually began worrying. The man’s mother asked his cousin to help find him, whom he found dead inside the car while they were holding one another. Medical examiners were unsure as to how long the couple had been in the car before they began having sex. But according to the final autopsy report, no external trauma had occurred & the ruling cause of death was deemed carbon monoxide poisoning.


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